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English at Edward Francis Primary School



Language provides the main instrument of learning throughout the school curriculum; good language skills taught in English lessons are developed and practised through cross-curriculum activities to enhance the children’s abilities.  A variety of teaching approaches are used within English to create a challenging and enjoyable learning experience to suit the learning needs of the individual child. 


At Edward Francis Primary School, we strive for all children to be able to:


  • Listen attentively, paying attention to detail;
  • Speak confidently with intonation, expression, clear diction, accurate grammar and style with regard for their audience and purpose;
  • Read fluently with good comprehension from a wide variety of text at their own level for pleasure and information;
  • Develop their cognitive skills, imagination, and personal expression through a range of writing tasks using clear, concise language with accurate punctuation and grammar, in a style appropriate for the purpose; 
  • Make progress throughout the school to be able to spell correctly;
  • Use neatly joined handwriting;
  • Make fair, critical responses, about their own language work, that of their peers and that of popular authors and poets;
  • Develop effective learning strategy and research skills which can be applied to any context.