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Reading for Pleasure

Reading for Pleasure at EFPS


At Edward Francis Primary School we aim to promote reading for pleasure throughout the curriculum.


Our Lessons

Children of all ages in the school enjoy class readers with their teachers. Our class readers include poetry books too.  This is a time of the day that the children look forward to as it gives them experiences of books that they would not necessarily pick up themselves. 


Children are further immersed with stories and poetry within our English lessons.  Across the year, the writing that children create is often linked to stories that they have read. This has been particularly successful as it allows the children to really 'get their teeth into' the stories that they have read. 



We have had many visitors over the last few years at Edward Francis.  The children have enjoyed visits from local authors (for example Hollie Hughes and Katie  Pendrigh) and workshops with poets Jacque Bottjer and David Mason. Every other year, we are also visited by the Young Shakespeare Company who deliver a fully immersive experience which is always enjoyable. 





Rayleigh Library 

During the academic year, every child has the opportunity to visit our local library with their class. We realise how important the local library is for the children and have enjoyed our visits to it.  We would highly recommend parents to take advantage of the different activities offered by Rayleigh Library.  Additionally, the library have now organised a 'Homework Help' box for children from EFPS which has books linked to the topics that we are studying throughout the year.  Click on the PDF below to find out what topics are currently available at the library. 



We are lucky to have a large library space, which we continue to update each year. Each class has the opportunity to visit this regularly and children are able to borrow books from it too. The library offers a range of reading books to further supplement our reading schemes and give the children to take home books to share with their adults at home. 



At least once a week (and usually more!), children will hear stories within assemblies.  Children enjoy listening to stories as a group and talking about them.  The stories often link to our school values or PSHE themes. 


In the classroom 

Every classroom has a dedicated area for books.  These are books that the children may choose, in addition to the scheme books, should they wish to.