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Year 4

January 2021


Welcome to Year 4 Online Learning!


In order to keep the day as normal as possible, we will try to have a  registration each morning via Google Meet at 9.15-9.30 am to ‘touch base’ with the children, give them instructions and check to see how they are getting on. (Having never done this before, we are hoping, technology permitting, that it will work!)

This can be accessed through the link under their class name in Google Classroom. You may need to download Google Chrome or Google meet to be able to access this. This link will only be visible at registration times. 


Please encourage the children to attend and mute their microphones, the children are not required to be in school uniform. We have sent the children further details about Google drive, Google classroom and Google meet in an email. This email contains links to some videos that you may want to watch with them. 


How to find daily tasks.

Instructions for all tasks will be on a presentation that we have shared with the children via their Google drive (called Year4@HomeSpringTerm1)  The slide presentation works best in PRESENT mode. They must log on using their school Google Email address only. 



They should know how to use this as we have been doing something similar in our computing lessons. It is essential that the children refer to this slides presentation every morning as a new slide will be added each day with the Maths and English tasks they are required to complete. 

Tasks will be set using a variety of Google Classroom Assignments (that the children complete and hand in through Google Classroom),  MyMaths Tasks (which they complete and ‘mark it’’) and tasks that can be completed on paper, photographed and emailed or kept to show us when they return to school. We will be marking and feeding back to children via Classroom, Email and MyMaths. We encourage children to respond to our feedback.


In the morning we suggest that the children complete their Maths and English tasks as well as doing some physical activity. In the afternoon we would like the children to read for at least 10 minutes and then pick one foundation task each day to complete.


We understand that this way of learning may be strange to begin with and we anticipate some initial teething problems due to different technologies but please bear with us and we know that Year 4 will make a success of this.


Please do not hesitate to email us at the addresses below and we will endeavour to help.

You can do this Year 4!


Mrs Soars, Mrs White & Mrs Reynolds


 FREE Virtual Activity and sports club


The CPRSSP are running a FREE virtual after school club at 4 pm from Wednesday 6th January 2021 for two weeks. This is open to all primary aged children. For a schedule of activities and how to attend please check your email.

Other ideas for PE activities at home can e found here or on the PE slide on our presentation.


Dear children and adults,

Welcome to the Year 4 Year Page!

We are very excited to have you this year.

We will be working hard in class and setting homework but if you would like extra practise, please see the links below.

If you need to speak to us, our contact details are given here.

Kind Regards,

Mrs Reynolds. Mrs Soars & Mrs White 

Our contact details:

4R - Mrs Reynolds
4SW- Mrs Soars

4SW - Mrs White