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Year 5


Home Learning

UPDATE 25/5/20


Our new (and improved!) Year5@Home2 presentation has been shared with all the children. The work for Summer Half term 2 will be posted on there on Sunday 31st May. We will then add work each day as we were doing in Summer Half Term 1. As ever, contact us via email if you/your child has any questions/problems.

Enjoy the half term break. We hope that the sun continues to shine. 



UPDATE 21/5/20


Thank you to all the parents and children who have responded to our survey. If you haven't yet could we please ask you to share your views on home learning with us via this link We will share the results with you in the next few days via the Year5@Home presentation. 


UPDATE 7/5/20

Please can we remind you that we update the Year5@Home presentation EVERY WEEKDAY - it is here that you will find the tasks that we want you to complete each day. We have shared this with the children - they need to login to their Google account and look at  "Shared with me" .

The first slide looks like this  (but there are currently 33 more slides of information for you!)


UPDATE 3/5/20


Dear Children,


Your Year5@Home document will be updated later with new slides and, as you know by now, your new English/Maths task is added daily. At school all we ask is that you try your best and that is all we are asking of you at home too. Please read the Year5@Home presentation carefully and check your emails regularly. Certificates have been emailed to winners of Live Hives and TT Rockstar battles. If you have improved your Rock Star status since we last checked at school, and would like your new certificate then please email us and we will send it to you via email.




 Dear Parents,


Thank you for your ongoing support. The work that the children have been sending to us is brilliant. Some can be accessed via a link on a slide on the Year5@Home presentation and some has been posted on the Year 5 Blog page (Half term 5). The novelty of working at home may be wearing off for some of your children. We are trying to keep them engaged and working by posting new work each day and responding to the children’s questions and comments as much as we can. We just want you to know that if every piece of work is not completed or if it is not as good as it could be then it doesn’t matter. We know how hard it is. Puzzles, baking, watching films, playing board games etc. are all valuable ways of learning too. Most other things can be caught up when we are back at school. The only thing that we do ask is that the children keep reading regularly, as this is an ongoing skill and harder to catch up.  Please email us if we can help in anyway.


Stay safe and well.



UPDATE 26/4/20

Well done Year 5. We are impressed with your motivation and dedication while working from home. Children please don't forget to check your emails as we do message you directly with information. This week we will continue to update our Year5@Home document with new work for you to complete. Parents (or children) don't forget that you can email us directly if you have any questions.




Hello Year 5,


We hope that you are all safe and well and that you have managed to enjoy the Easter Holidays as much as possible. Tomorrow is the start of the Summer Term and that means getting back into the process of continuing your learning just like you would be doing in school. Before Easter, we provided you with a range of tasks to attempt whilst working from home. During the Easter break we provided you with an optional research project. Starting tomorrow, we are going to be providing you with more specific activities which closely follow what we would have been doing in class. 


Every day we will be posting a new slide in the Y5@HOME presentation in the SHARED WITH ME area of your Drive which contains the instructions for a maths and an English lesson. As well as a daily task for maths and English, at the start of the week we will be sharing a range of extra tasks which cover the other subjects in school; things like French, art, science, history or geography. These tasks can be completed in any order but one should be happening each day. You may have noticed PE isn’t included in that list. That is because we are asking you to do some sort of daily exercise of your own choosing, although we have included an extra challenge for you on the document we will share on Google Classroom.


For some of these tasks, you will be expected to hand in your work on Google Classroom but, for others, you will simply have to complete it on paper or in your purple ‘home learning’ books and mark it yourself or keep it to show us when we return to school. Sometimes it may be something more creative and you might want to send us some photos. We will then try our best to comment on any work we receive throughout the week. If you find any of the work slightly confusing and need some support, please email us. 


On the Slides document we will share with you, we have attached a recommended timetable for you to follow whilst working from home and a range of useful websites you could use to help you with your learning. We appreciate that it can be difficult to learn at home but all we ask is that you try your best, just like we would in the classroom. 


Finally, we have set up the classroom chats on Google Classroom as a way of staying in touch but they seem to be a little quiet at the moment. Don’t forget to use them as we want to know how you are all getting on. There is also a separate reading chat for you to tell us what you have been reading - try to comment on this once a week. We look forward to seeing you all as soon as we can and we can’t wait to speak to you all with your home learning work when school reopens.


Stay safe,


Mr Hatton, Mrs Soars and Mrs Chapman


UPDATE 3/4/20  :  Year 5 work for home, a chat area and other updates are available by logging into your Google Drive account and finding the Y5@HOME presentation in the SHARED WITH ME area of your Drive.  Please email us ( or if you are having trouble getting to this presentation and we will try and help if we can.


20/3/20 Over the next two weeks, there are a range of activities for you to do at home and continue your learning. These activities will provide you with enough work until the Easter holidays. After Easter, we will add weekly tasks for you to complete based around our Summer Term topics. 


Here is a suggested timetable for working at home:



You can use the following online resources:

Maths- MyMaths (Topics you find difficult), Top Marks and TT Rockstars

English- Spelling Shed, Reading/Writing activities from below

Computing- Scratch (Have you looked at all the tutorials? Find these under the Ideas tab), Google Drive (Finish South American slides)

PE- BBC Super Movers (, Home Sports Activities (see document below) Daily 30-minute PE lessons with 'The Body Coach' (

General Curriculum- Purple Mash


You could also research something which interests you about our topic,  South America. It could be a Slides document, a poster or a booklet about a different animal or country to the ones you researched in class.


You might also keep a diary of how you feel and your experience of such a unique event. 


You should continue reading a range of books, magazines and articles. When you finish reading a book, you could also do some writing based on it. For example, you could write a newspaper report, write a character description, create an alternative ending or write a book review. 


Finally. there are a range of documents attached below with different activities you could complete.


We look forward to seeing you when the schools reopen. In the meantime, we wish you and everyone in your family well.


Mr Hatton, Mrs Soars & Mrs Chapman


To find out more about our learning this year, 
visit the Year 5 Blog at...



Your Class Teachers are:
Mr Hatton (5H)

Mrs Chapman and Mrs Soars (5CS),

supported by
Mrs Bothwell

On Wednesday afternoons 5H and 5CS 
are taught by Mrs Bothwell and Mrs Dunt.


Homework is set on a Friday and is due in on the following Wednesday. 


This year's themes are :

Autumn term : World War 2


Spring term : South America

Summer term : Ancient Greece