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Year 5



Where do I find the Year 5 Home Learning?

All of the learning will be found in Google Classroom.  You will need to log in using your school Google login, just as you do in school and go to Google Classroom, just as you did during the last home learning period.

Also, just as you experienced during the last home learning, a slideshow will be shared with you and will provide all the information you need each day including  links to lesson videos, resources, instructions and notice of any live events such as spelling hive games. 

The only difference is that instead of being given a slideshow for the week, you will receive a separate slideshow each day.


Where do I complete the work?

Each daily slideshow  will make it clear what you need to do and where you need to complete the work so remember to carefully  read all instructions each day. 


How will my work be marked?

Your written work on your slideshow will receive feedback from your teacher through Google Classroom, sometimes as you are working. If you have self marked work, please message your teacher with your scores. 


How will I keep in touch with Mr Hatton and Mrs Parker ?

Another new feature is that Mrs Parker and Mr Hatton  will be running daily Zoom meetings after lunch, to hear about how you are doing and discuss any questions you have.  Your daily slideshow gives details of your meeting slot.

 Besides these Zoom meetings,  you can talk to us any time during your school day in Google Classroom, either by private message or in the class group. Just remember to keep your group chat to work related things, as last time. You can also go to your Google Mail and email us at: or 

Please ensure you always use your school Google account and not others you may have set up at home.

We'd all rather be in school, but let's all do our best to make this the best learning experience possible!

Mrs Parker and Mr Hatton.



PE During Home Learning


Please find a document below with daily PE activities during home learning.  You can also find lots of resources and ideas here.


Furthermore, the CPRSSP are running a virtual after school club at 4 o'clock every day. They are all free of charge, run by the SSP staff for an hour and open to all primary aged children.

For a schedule of activities and details of how to attend, please check the newsletter.


To find out more about our learning this year, 
visit the Year 5 Blog at...



Your Class Teachers are:
Mr Hatton (5H)

Mrs Parker (5P)


supported by
Mrs Bothwell
Mrs Gleeson

On Thursday afternoons 5H and 5P 
are taught by Mrs Bothwell and Mrs Griggs.


Homework is set on a Friday and is due in on the following Wednesday. 


This year's themes are :

Autumn term : World War 2


Spring term : South America

Summer term : Ancient Greece