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Year 3


Welcome to Year 3
We are all very much looking forward to a fun filled year!

Your teachers are:
Mrs Benson (3B)
Mr Scanlon (3S)


Your Learning Support Assistants are:
Mrs Parrot and Mrs Dalton


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Homework in Year 3

Year 3 @ Home

Welcome to Home Learning in year 3.  You can access all of our Year3@Home learning materials by clicking the link below.  

Click here for our Geography Maps to use in today's lesson!

Home Learning FAQs 


Where do I complete my work? 

This will depend on the work we are doing.  Each day if you check the daily planner, some guidance will be given.  You might complete your work by hand or online (on Purple Mash or another website as directed). 


What shall I do with my finished work? 

We have a few options for you: 

  • Keep all your work in a folder at home- it would be great to see these when we finally get back to school! 
  • Email your work to us  (if completed by hand this could be a photograph) 
  • Share your work using Purple Mash (use the share button if you have completed it on Purple Mash or use Purple Mash email) 

How will my work be marked? 

We will respond to anything that is shared with us whether this is via email or Purple Mash.  Some lessons will take place using other websites (such as MyMaths) which will mark the work set automatically. 

How long should I be working each day?

The lessons set by us will take around three-four hours to complete per day.  For the remainder of the day, we would recommend you spend time reading and using the suggested websites to further support your learning).  Additionally, please take some time to get active.  We have provided some ideas to help get you started below. 

How can I contact my teacher? 

You can contact us via email directly or using Purple Mash. 

@Home PE 


Keep yourself active whilst we are home learning! CPRSSP have shared some ideas with us which we have included in the PDF below.  Also their website has ideas and activities ( 


Furthermore, the CPRSSP are running a virtual after school club at 4 o'clock every day from Wednesday onwards over the coming 2 weeks. They are all free of charge, run by the SSP staff for an hour and open to all primary aged children.

For a schedule of activities and details of how to attend, please check your emails.  We've also included some information on our daily planner that has been shared with you. 

Do you have some time on your hands? Use these great links to support you with your home learning! 


Activities for learning at home - these can be downloaded and printed as required.