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Buddhism Day / Car Exclusion Day / DT Week

There have been quite a few whole school events over the past couple of weeks and I have not been able to keep up with posting information / photographs from them, so have decided to combine them all on this one page!


On Tuesday 17th May, the whole school came off timetable to spend a day learning and thinking about the Buddhist faith.
The day was organised by Mrs McKay and involved assemblies, meditation and learning through stories, artwork and discussion.
Below are some photographs from the assemblies and of the resulting display.


On Wednesday 18th May, along with all the Infant / Junior / Primary schools within Hockley, Rayleigh and Hullbridge, we took part in a Car Exclusion Day.
We were hoping that we would be able to keep Uplands Park Road as clear of traffic as possible to show how a clear road outside a school is a safe road. We had staff, school councillors and councillors from Rayleigh Town Council watching the road that day.
The photographs below, taken at ten minute intervals from 8am, show that this was a great success.
We would also like to thank the 85 signatories to the 'safety pledge' that was on the back of the leaflet distributed on Monday 16th May and displayed outside the school on the day.
Even though these signatures correspond to just 95 children within the school (less than half) we are pleased so many of you agreed to the pledges and signed up.

However as the note from the school council on the recent newsletter shows, the change was only fleeting as it was soon back to the dangers seen previously.


During the week beginning 23rd May, the whole school took part in a DT Week organised by Mr Keeler.
Each year group was given a specific vehicle related task to complete within the week, starting from scratch with minimal help from adults.
I think it is fair to say, form the feedback the children supplied, that the majority of them found this task challenging but rewarding.
photographs from the week can be found on the individual Year Pages, under a link called DT WEEK 2011.