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Writing with the poet, Brian Moses.

Brian Moses, the poet,  came to visit the school in the Summer term and performed for both upper and lower school in two, one hour sessions. The children responded ethusiastically to his energetic and passionate performances and everyone thoroughly enjoyed his visit. 
During the day a group of children from all classes were able to work on some writing with him. He talked about how he wrote poems and offered encouragement and positive criticism for their writing. Here is a selection.
My Cat Paddy
by Alex
In the cattery, he had a garden to run in.
In our house, he slept under the sofa all day so he didn't get disturbed by us.
In his basket, he had a cushion to keep him warm.
In my room, he hides under the bed to sleep.
In the night, he goes in his warm bed to go to sleep for about an hour.
In my arms, he fidgets and after a while he goes to sleep.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!
My Nan's Dog
by Chloe
My Nan's dog was so much fun.
She sat in my chair.
She cuddled up to me.
She looked me in the eye.
She even ran around with me until she got tired.
She really worried me when she went away,
But when I came back she was there again.
She's always there in my heart.
At the Beach
by Cho Fook
I remember the gentle golden waves brushing against my feet because I know that the sea is trying to make friends.

I remember the hot blazing sun shining down on me like a giant fire ball moving nearer and nearer.

I remember the coolness and deepness of the sea because it's like a painful injection stabbing into your skin.

I remember the soft gooey sludge on the seabed dirtying my shoes and the smoothness when I put it on my skin.
by James
Slowly, the sun melted towards the mighty sapphire ocean,
Slowly, the water crept in, trickling closer and closer to my toes,
Slowly each individual golden grain of sand was egulfed never to be seen again,
Slowly, the remaining glimpses of light, turned to pitch black darkness.
It was then when I decided to wander home alone.
The Beach at Osmington Bay
by Heather
I remember the water twinkling as fire blazed beneath and the pebbles shining with the distinct glow of the magic within.

I remember the waves jumping to the shore scared of its own reflection and aiming to devour every last pebble.

I remember the crashing of the waves as a band practised down below and the distant view of a forgotten land in the distance.

I remember the winks and glints of forgotten treasure lost, never to be found and the faces of people as they unfolded the mysteries of the past.
My Dog Lucy
by Edward
I remember my amazing dog, Lucy, who lit up the dark and miserable days of my life.

I remember the times when we used to run beside each other in the park, in the warm sunny evenings of the year.

I remember Lucy running up to me as I got home from school, her tail wagging madly and a big cheeky grin on her face as she was so happy to see me.

I remember the distraught day when the house was silent and grey as my amazing dog Lucy had been sadly put down at the vets.

I remember still, and for eternity, my amazing dog Lucy as she will always be in my heart.